Who is RPD?

Refining and Petrochemical Development Technologies was formed to provide testing and fabrication services to the refining, petrochemical and energy industries. This company is wholly owned in a single member LLC registered in the state of Texas, bringing combined efforts (construction, operations, engineering, etc.) and intellectual property protection to our industrial customers. Conveniently located outside of Houston TX, the RPD Technologies testing center can support pilot/testing equipment of all scales ranging from bench scale units to semi-works.

RPD will provide engineering, construction and operation of pilot units on a contractual basis.

Our Clients

Our clients represent interests in the Refining, Petrochemical and Energy/Renewable energy industries.


RPD Technologies staff have extensive experience with over 54 combined years in the design, fabrication and operation of pilot units across all scales supporting refining, petrochemical, gasification and renewable energy processes. In house capabilities exist to support complete project execution including process development, reactor design, detailed mechanical design, unit fabrication, construction and operation. Specific examples are listed below where RPD Technologies staff have been primary contributors to the design, construction and operation of the units. For many of the processes listed below, units ranging from bench to demonstration scale were designed, constructed and run in-house during various stages of technology development leading to successful commercialization.

Bench/lab Scale

These are small scales units generally support feed rates of < 1 kg per hour and are typically used for catalyst/feed screening, proof of concept studies and kinetic development.

Small scale pilot units

Theses small scales pilot units typically support feed rates ranging from 1 - 10 kg per hour and are generally used for the generation of performance data, kinetic validation and early process proof of concept studies.

Large pilot/demonstration units

These large-scale pilot/demonstration units typically support feed rates ranging from 10 – 1000+ kg per hour and are used for the process development and validation. The scale of these units is typically selected to be the smallest reliable size from which scale-up to commercial can be performed.


Several processes have been scaled-up to commercial and are in various phases of design, construction or commercial operation.

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