Welcome to RPD Technologies

RPD Technologies (RPD) is a testing and fabrication facility supporting a wide range of industries including refining, petrochemical, energy, and renewables/sustainability.  Consulting services including process development, scale-up/commercialization, detailed mechanical design and kinetic/hydrodynamic analysis are also provided.  RPD is located approximately 25 minutes northeast of downtown Houston in Crosby, Texas.  The facility sits on approximately 50 acres and can accommodate expansion to large demonstration or semi-works processes. RPD’s personnel have extensive experience in applications including circulating fluidized bed/FCC, hydrotreating, pyrolysis and distillation unit design/operation ranging from lab to demonstration scales. Feedstocks processed at RPD include naphtha, pyrolysis oils, residue, UMO, VGO, lipids, and biomass/plastic derived feedstocks.